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21 December 2008 @ 08:54 pm
19 September 2007 @ 08:21 pm
Here is my friend code for  Mario Kart - 373748-798523

Add me and lets race!
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09 May 2007 @ 10:21 pm
hey everyone. i just got mario kart ds like 3 hours ago. i was wondering if anyone wanted to race. my record totally sucks. but yea my friend code is..
249 207 195 258

comment me with your friend codes also. thanks.
25 April 2007 @ 05:18 pm
I want to start playing people I know so I am posting this to see if any one here would like another Mario kart player added . if thats you here is my mario kart friend code 236 321 159 650 please add yours in comments thanx :)
05 February 2007 @ 03:11 pm
I've been trying to gather info regarding this great game, as well as looking over what I do.
I thought you guys might be interested in this.

Here's a few things that you should know to reach that finish line faster.

1. Experience
Before going on Wi-fi it is highly recommended you go to the GP mode and finish it. The experience will prove useful to you, as well as know which Kart is best for you and the layout of the courses.

2. The R button
Let me say it right here and now, if your DS has this button broken, you shouldn't be playing Mario Kart DS. The drift is an important move in Mario Kart DS and you should use it as often as you can. Also it's the only way to...

3. The mini-turbo.
Often overlooked, yet it's right there in the manual, the mini-turbo can make the difference between winning and losing. The mini-turbo is best used when going around a corner. You can also Drift while having a mini-turbo ready, then release it once you finish drifting the turn.
Acceleration of Kart = Duration of Mini-turbo
Speed of Kart = Strength of Mini-turbo

4. The items
Its not Mario Kart without Mario. It's also not mario Kart without the items. The more behind you are, the better the item you can get. Know how every item works. Sometimes it's best that you hold onto the item, sometimes it's best you fire it immediately. Know when and where you can use them. It helps if you're lucky.

5. The sandbag
A hidden technique known by few. The sandbag is deadly and can be considered somewhat "cheap". When you're opponent(s) are nearby and there are a few item boxes coming nearby, intentionally slow down and let them pass you and get the item while you're behind. If you can manage to pass them again quickly, you'll be in front with a "good" item. I'm sure you always wanted to use the lightning bolt while in first place. There's a bit of risk involved when doing this though. Be aware of that.

6. Secret shortcuts
You probably know a few yourself, but you probably don't know the true secret shortcuts. For example, did you know you don't need a mushroom to make the jump in GCN Yoshi Circuit? All it takes is a mini-turbo to jump it(Light vehicles only. Heavier vehicles can only jump it in 150cc). A jump in GBA Sky Garden can be miniturboed as well. That course also has an uber shortcut. What other courses have these shortcuts?

7. The h4x Item box of DK pass
As you go through this course there will be a turn where you can continue on the road or climb a mountain of snow. If you climb the mountain, you can find an item box that can give you a red shell(Very rare), mushroom(rare), triple mushroom or a star regardless of the position you are. Check the bottom screen to know where it is.

8. The blue shell dodge
The idea of being able to dodge a blue shell it insane to some, but know that it is quite possible. You don't need a star or a boo to dodge it. Once the blue shell is coming, prepare a mini-turbo. What you want to do is release the mini-turbo just as the blue shell is about to hit. Do it right and you will dodge it. This is VERY hard to do and takes several tries to pull it off. It's easier on 150cc, harder on 100cc(Wi-fi's speed) and impossible in 50cc

9. Snaking
A forbidden technique used by the elite of the elite. The most hated technique of all. With this, a racer can leave their opponents behind and make it impossible to catch up, even if they have a golden mushroom. Basically, this is an extension of the mini-turbo. You're supposed to constantly use it multiple times in a row anywhere on the track rather than just on corners. Mastering the timing of the mini-turbo means mastering snaking.
The best course to practice snaking is on Figure-8 Circuit.
Note: If you do proceed to use this forbidden technique, note that your hard will begin to hurt as you begin to "adapt" to snaking. Once you get used to it, the pain will no longer be there and will be the least of your worries.

10. Wi-fi rules
I'll probably state the obvious here. Wi-fi races are in 100cc, you can't hold an item behind you, you can never get triple items(except mushrooms) and everyone seems to have the same weight regardless of Kart and character.

11. Secret of weight?
Although in Wi-fi, everyone more or less has the same weight, supposedly Weight also affects your Drifting in a way. My suggestion is that you ignore this, as it makes the most impact when you're actually snaking and even then the most skillful snaker will still win.

That's all I got for now.
08 January 2007 @ 12:21 am
Hi again.

Has anyone encounter with MarioKingR? He has more than 10000wins and 0Losses. Today I encountered him. And in the last race I was winning and even had 3 mushrooms and use it to win, but when I cross the finish line it said that I got second! What the...? Is that even possible? How can he do that?
30 December 2006 @ 10:53 am
So I received Mario Kart DS for X-Mas this 25, and I love it ^^ Started to play online 5 days ago too.

I go by the name of Inukachu, my friend code is:


And one question, how do I make the Turbo at the beginning of the race?
29 December 2006 @ 06:04 pm
Just found this community. I really don't play as often as I used to, but I'll still pop on on Fridays randomly. Here's my code. I'll be waiting.

14 December 2006 @ 01:16 am
I'm probably late on this one, but...

Has anybody besides me noticed that when you play as R.O.B. on WiFi or someone plays as him, he's a different color? When you play single player he's grey and dark grey, but when you're on WiFi he's white with red arms...
07 December 2006 @ 02:40 pm
Yeah so I decided to join this. Ha, I haven't even played this game IN ages.

So if you want to race me, here's my friends code:
Wifi name: BROmega

I'll be ready.
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