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Mario Kart DS Addicts

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Welcome to the Mario Kart DS Livejournal community!

Are you a Mario Kart DS fannatic? Do you constantly bitch or brag about your score or your encounters with the vast groups of people you raced with over your DS? Do you overreact to the fact that people use Yoshi? Wanna rant about how you don't know how to snake and everyone else who does know how "cheats"? Well is this place your haven! Come on in talk abour your recent races, leave your Friend Code, arrange races, keep score, whatever your shell chucking heart desires! Atleast now you won't piss off your LJ friends with spamming about Mario Kart DS anymore.

Membership is open and welcome to everyone.

Everyones Mario Kart DS Numbers are here.
Please place your numbers after joining so everyone can locate them. Thank you.